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Florent shield
Florent shield

Rylene Florent is an unseen character in the third season of Game of Thrones.



Davos describes Rylene Florent as a cousin of Shireen Baratheon.

Season 3Edit

Davos Seaworth reads a letter sent to Stannis Baratheon with an invitation Rylene Florent's nameday.[1]

Family treeEdit

Florent Sigil
Alester Florent
Florent Sigil
Melara Florent
Florent Sigil
Ryam Florent
Florent Sigil
Unknown Lady Florent
Florent Sigil
Rylene Florent
Florent Sigil
Melessa Florent
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S5 Stannis Tree

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Selyse Baratheon tree
Selyse Florent
Imry Florent family tree

Imry Florent

Samwell Tarly family tree
Samwell Tarly
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In the booksEdit

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Rylene Florent is not Shireen Baratheon's cousin, but Shireen's mother Selyse Baratheon's paternal aunt, which makes her Shireen's great aunt, as well as the aunt of Imry Florent and Melessa Tarly. Davos describes her as Shireen's "cousin" in the Season 3 finale, but he may have just been speaking loosely. Rylene Florent is married to Ser Rycherd Crane.

Rylene is only mentioned in the novels' appendix, and does not make an appearance.

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