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Sand Snakes

From left to right: Obara Sand, Tyene Sand, and Nymeria Sand.

"The Sand Snakes are with me. They have the love of their people. They will avenge their father while you sit here in your chair doing nothing!"
Ellaria Sand to Doran Martell[src]

The Sand Snakes are the eight bastard daughters of Prince Oberyn Martell. Although noble-born bastards are often ignored by their parents, Oberyn has acknowledged and looked after all his daughters and has loving relationships with each of them. They are all loyal members of House Martell. Their collective nickname comes from the bastard surname used for noble bastards in Dorne and the nickname of their father: the "Red Viper". Oberyn trained the oldest three —Obara, Nymeria, and Tyene— extensively in combat.

The eldest of Oberyn's daughters with his paramour, Ellaria Sand is the third Sand Snake, Tyene Sand. Ellaria is also mother to the four youngest Sand Snakes, including Elia Sand.

The Sand SnakesEdit

Family TreeEdit

Ruling Princess Martell of Dorne
Consort of the Princess of Dorne
Lewyn Martell familytree
Lewyn MartellKingsguard mini shield
Doran Martell family tree
Doran Martell
Mellario of Norvos
Elia Martell
Rhaegar Targaryen Targaryen-small
Unknown tree
Various women
Oberyn Martell
Ellaria Sand Sand mini shield
of House Uller
Trystane Martell family tree
Trystane Martell
Mycella Season 5 family tree pic
Myrcella Baratheon Joff icon
Rhaenys tree
Rhaenys Targaryen Targaryen-small
Aegon Targaryen Targaryen-small
Obara Sand familytree
Obara Sand Sand mini shield
1st Sand Snake
Fathered on a Dornish peasant
Nymeria Sand familytree
Nymeria Sand Sand mini shield
2nd Sand Snake
Fathered on an Eastern noblewoman
Martell bastard
Sarella Sand Martell bastard
4th Sand Snake
Fathered on a Summer Islander ship captain
Tyene Sand familytree
Tyene Sand Sand mini shield
3rd Sand Snake
Eldest of Ellaria's daughters
Martell bastard
Four youngest Sand Snakes
(Elia, Obella, Dorea, Loreza)

In the booksEdit

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the Sand Snakes are infamous throughout Dorne. Their names, in order of age, are Obara, Nymeria, Tyene, Sarella, Elia, Obella, Dorea, and Loreza. Obara was born of a prostitute from Oldtown, Nymeria of a noblewoman from Volantis, Tyene of a septa, Sarella of a trader from the Summer Isles, and the rest of Ellaria Sand. Despite inheriting widely different appearances from their birthmothers, they are all said to have their father's eyes. Being Dornish bastards, they all have the surname "Sand" and are associate members of their father's House.

The oldest four are close friends of Prince Doran Martell's daughter and heir, Princess Arianne.

Each of the eldest four Sand Snakes inherited or took after one of their father's famous traits. Obara has her father's martial prowess. Nymeria inherited Oberyn's good looks, sex drive, and cunning. Tyene has her father's skill with poisons. Sarella inherited her father's keen intellect.

The younger four Sand Snakes do not appear prominently in the first five novels, due to their ages: Elia Sand, the eldest, is fourteen years old near the end of the fifth novel, and Loreza (the youngest) is only around six years old. Elia, however, is old enough to share her half-sisters' rapport with Princess Arianne, and is just starting to be old enough to take part in the activities of her elders by the beginning of the sixth novel.

"Tyene Sand" in the TV series is basically a combination of book-Tyene Sand and book-Elia Sand into one character.

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