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Bracer of the Sentinel

The Bracer of the Sentinel.

Sentinel is a title held by a member of House Forrester. It denotes the person holding it as the Lord's second in command and most trusted advisor, making it similar to the Hand of the King. The Sentinel's responsibilities include advising the lord and commanding Ironrath while the lord is away. The position is symbolized by the Bracer of the Sentinel, the badge of office.

House Forrester's current Sentinel is either Duncan Tuttle or Ser Royland Degore. If either of them fall at the Battle of Ironrath, the position is currently vacant.

Known Sentinels

Image Name Term Lord of Ironrath
IFI Royland Grove
Royland Degore* 300 AL Ethan Forrester

Rodrik Forrester

Asher Forrester**

TSITD Duncan Wall
Duncan Tuttle* 300 AL Ethan Forrester

Rodrik Forrester

Asher Forrester**

* (Player-determined sentinel)

** (Player-determined lord)

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