"Maegor...mounted the black dragon, Balerion, and burned down the sept in King's Landing while the Faith Militant were inside at morning prayers. The screams of the burning and dying men were said to echo throughout the city. "
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The Sept of Remembrance was formerly the headquarters of the Faith Militant in the early years of King's Landing, located atop Rhaenys's Hill.


The Sept of Remembrance was the local headquarters of the Faith Militant in King's Landing.

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Gathered for morning prayers, the Faith Militant were all burned inside the sept.

The order seized control of the capital city at the beginning of the Faith Militant uprising, causing the weak King Aenys Targaryen to flee the city, after which he soon died from the stress. He was succeeded by his vicious younger half-brother, Maegor the Cruel, who returned to King's Landing and promptly burned down the sept using the dragon Balerion, while all of the local Faith Militant members were gathered inside for morning prayers.[1]

The sept was never rebuilt. Instead, Maegor ordered the construction of the Dragonpit over its ruins.

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the "Sept of Remembrance" was so-named in honor of Aenys's mother Rhaenys Targaryen, who had died thirty years before in the First Dornish War - as opposed to Maegor's still-living mother Visenya, who always resented that Rhaenys's son Aenys was put ahead of her son in line of succession. Maegor's destruction of the sept was thus also something of a slight against the rival branch of House Targaryen (though Aenys was dead, Maegor usurped the throne ahead of Aenys's five children three sons and two daughters). A few years later, as if to hammer home his dominance over the Faith Militant, instead of having the sept rebuilt Maegor ordered that a massive "stable for dragons" should be built over its ruins: the Dragonpit.


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