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"Your blade pierced his shoulder and I felt the pain as if it were mine."
Josera Snow to Gared Tuttle[src]

Shadow is a snow bear and is the warg animal of Josera Snow.


"The Ice Dragon"

Shadow encounters Gared, Cotter and Sylvi while they are investigating a weirwood tree. The group flees across an icy lake, with the bear in tow, and after a brief fight with Gared, Shadow falls through the ice into the lake. He then follows the group through a cave leading to the North Grove, where they call out to Josera's sister Elsera Snow who prompts her brother to call the bear off.

Shadow is next seen helping Gared and Elsera's army fight off a horde of Wights. The bear saves Gared's life, and he returns the favour.

If Gared chooses to march South to Ironrath, Shadow is seen marching with Elsera's army.

If Gared chooses to stay in the North Grove, Shadow is seen at the head of Elsera's army, roaring in order to (presumably) intimidate approaching wights.

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