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Shivering Sea

A map showing the location of the Shivering Sea.

The Shivering Sea is a substantial ocean located to the north-east of Westeros and north of Essos. It separates Essos from the northern polar icecap. The Narrow Sea opens into the Shivering Sea just east of the Vale of Arryn. The Bite and the Bay of Seals are inlets of the Shivering Sea.

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the Shivering Sea is an immense circumpolar sea. It is said to be home to many whales. The largest island on the sea is Ibben, located almost three thousand miles due east of Skagos. Ibben is home to folk who make their trade from fishing and whaling, selling their catches in the Free Cities and the ports of north-eastern Westeros.

The Shivering Sea becomes extremely dangerous to cross during winter, due to severe storms and also to icebergs and other cold-weather dangers.

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