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Skirling Pass

A map showing the location of Skirling Pass on the continent of Westeros.

Wilding's Camp 2x10

Mance Rayder's camp in the Skirling Pass.

The Skirling Pass is a major passage through the Frostfangs, located north and west of the Wall. The pass links the Frozen Shore to the Haunted Forest, both territories held by the wildlings.


Season 2

Qhorin Halfhand takes a scouting party into the Skirling Pass to attack the lookouts posted there by Mance Rayder.[1] Ygritte later shows Jon Snow Mance's massive camp, located in the pass.[2]

In the books

In A Song of Ice and Fire, the Skirling Pass is named for the keening sound the wind makes as it blows through it. The pass has been a travelling and trading route for millennia. An ancient stone archway is located at the top of the pass. A large glacier and a frozen lake are located at either side of a hidden valley near the top of the pass, where Mance Rayder's army made camp.

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