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A Stark guard is a guardsman sworn to House Stark.


Season 2

He is guarding the recaptured Jaime Lannister when he is dismissed by Catelyn Stark.[1]

He is assigned to guard Catelyn after she betrays Robb by releasing Jaime.[2]

Season 3

The fate of most, if not all men sworn to Robb Stark ends with the massacre at the Red Wedding. The army are based in the camps outside of The Twins celebrating both the wedding and prior victories on the battlefield, drinking heavily. They are completely taken by surprise by Frey and Bolton men turning on them, which in turn see every Stark loyalist put to sword and total annihilation of Robb's army, leaving the latter known as "The King who Lost the North".

Season 6

After Jon Snow's army retake Winterfell from the Boltons and restore House Stark as the ruling house of the North, no guardsmen or soldiers sworn to House Stark prior to the Red Wedding are known to return, exacerbating the claim that the massacre was to the point of total.



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