Stony Shore

A map showing the location of the Stony Shore on the continent of Westeros.

"You'll take a ship to raid the fishing villages of the Stony Shore."
―Balon to Theon Greyjoy[src]

The Stony Shore is a region in the North. It forms part of the west coast, west of the Rills and southwest of the Wolfswood and Sea Dragon Point.[1]


Season 2

As part of his campaign to seize the North during the War of the Five Kings, Balon Greyjoy order his son, Theon, to raid the fishing villages of the Stony Shore.[2]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the Stony Shore is the same. It is luridly described how the Ironborn pillaged it: the bodies have been looted and mutilated. Of the fishing village, nothing remained but cold ashes that stank when it rained. The men had been put to the sword, all but a handful that Theon had allowed to flee to bring the word to Torrhen's Square. Their wives and daughters had been claimed for salt wives, those who were young enough and fair. The crones and the ugly ones had simply been raped and killed, or taken for thralls if they had useful skills and did not seem likely to cause trouble.

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