Talia's Necklace is an item originally owned by Talia Forrester but was passed to Gared Tuttle.



Iron From Ice

Talia Forrester initially owned this item. When Gared Tuttle was exiled to the Wall, Talia ran to him before he could leave and gifted him with the necklace to remember her by, telling him to 'be safe'

The Lost Lords

As Gared approaches the gate of Castle Black, he glances wistfully at the necklace Talia gave him.

The Sword In The Darkness

Gared uses the necklace on Lord Forrester's map to discover the location of the North Grove.

The Ice Dragon

Gared can choose to use this to convince the Snow siblings of his allegiance to House Forrester, confiding that Talia Forrester gave it to him. At the end of the episode, should Gared choose to return to Ironrath to defend the Forresters, Gared watches the item one last time just before he marches south.