No lord

Brandon never was a lord; he died minutes after his father, which made Eddard Stark the new lord of Winterfell.

Technically, if his father died first he was a lord for a matter of moments. There is no rubber-stamping of lordship or inheritance required in Westeros, so Brandon automatically became Lord of Winterfell the second his father died, the same that Robb became Lord the second Eddard died. Eddard then automatically became lord when Brandon died. However, the novels are unclear on what order the two died; Rickard was burned and Brandon was strangled as he struggled to help his father. No-one knows what is the case. Certainly I agree that there shouldn't be a 'lord' category added to him since we don't know if he was a lord.--Werthead 17:50, July 24, 2011 (UTC)


The history of House Stark stretches back some 8,000 years. Names often repeat in dynasties: unfortunately, this means that there are *at least* ten different characters named "Brandon Stark" in the book series. Therefore, "Brandon (the Elder)" doesn't really make much sense, particularly as he had an ancestor, "Brandon the Builder", who was the founder of the dynasty. I think changing the name to "Brandon (son of Rickard)" would work best (hopefully, what with a dozen Brandons at one point or another, lets hope one of these other guys didn't also have a father named Rickard). --The Dragon Demands 01:50, April 28, 2012 (UTC)

Whilst I agree with that, I don't think the name should have been changed in the first place. Bran is only called 'Brandon' once and once only, by his mother in one scene, whilst Eddard's elder brother is called Brandon constantly and consistently. I really think we should call him 'Brandon Stark' and Bran as 'Bran Stark', with a note on the other character's location in the improbable event people get them mixed up. People will not think to look up 'Brandon Stark (Son of Rickard)'. Article names should be as straightforward and as easy-to-find as possible. 'Brandon the Builder' and, if he is mentioned on the TV show, 'Brandon the Burner' could be other titles.--Werthead 20:18, April 29, 2012 (UTC)