Is there a seperate wiki for the Game of Thrones video game? Because I can't really find any info on it that give any greater details than this article. The one on awoiaf is even shorter.

Has this game been so rejected by Game of Thrones fans that there will be no more details on it other than this page? No seperate pages for the new locations or houses? GRRM said he liked the game, so we never know, he might work some of these characters into future novels (or at least briefly reference them).

I'd add some pages myself, but seeing that there weren't any, i thought maybe people here had decided that more info on this game should go in it's own seperate wiki, and i didn't want to step on any toes.

We'd only go into great detail if it was clearly based on the TV series, i.e. if the cast members from the TV show provide the voices. Otherwise, the Wiki of Ice and Fire would probably handle that. Moreover...we are under no obligation to spend time researching a crappy video game. I'm not sure how good the game actually is. Unless Martin flat out says he included new material in the game, why bother with the story? Moreover, it isn't "the" game anymore, we need to retitle this. There will be all sorts of games coming out later.--The Dragon Demands 21:14, July 3, 2012 (UTC)
The game is an official product based on the television series, at least in part, using the TV show's logo, music, two of the same actors and some of the same visual design. It certainly isn't canon to either the books or TV series (being about six hours into it now), but we can certainly cover it as a TV show-derived item of interest. Irritatingly, it hasn't got a handy subtitle we can use for it, so unfortunately we need to keep calling it Game of Thrones (computer game).--Werthead 19:55, July 15, 2012 (UTC)