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[[User:Clarissa Owens|[[File:Khal-Drogo-game-of-thrones-20742562-1065-1600.jpg|thumb|I NEED TO KILL SOMEONE]][[File:GameOfThrones_Trailer01_Screencap_46.jpg|thumb|iam going to have sex with u now]][[File:KhalDrogoMainbox.jpg|thumb]][[File:Khal_Drogo_and_Daenerys.jpg|thumb|MY QUEEN]]Clarissa Owens]] 01:38, May 11, 2011 (UTC)jason momoa is a wonderful actor when he did stargate alatics
he was amazeing in it and hes doing game of thrones iam glade
hes doing the next season its going to be amazeing and excited
all at the same time[[File:Dreamydrogo(fiddled)_copy.jpg|thumb|iam the most rule of all man in the world]]

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