Is there any possibility that we will see Jojen's father Howland Reed in season 3 or season 4?, he sounds like an important person for me even though he is just mentioned in the series.

First, why are you asking this on the Jojen Reed page instead of the Howland Reed page? Given that TWO of his children are characters in the TV series, why Jojen instead of Meera? Why Jojen instead of Howland?
As we know from the books, Howland Reed still hasn't directly appeared in the narrative even as of the latest novel, the fifth book in the series, which corresponds to Season 6 of the TV series (due to book 3 being so long it will be adapted in two seasons).--The Dragon Demands (talk) 02:14, May 11, 2013 (UTC)

Death Scene (TV)

Would just like to point out a blooper (forgot the actual name for this occurance) in the death scene in the TV show. Before Jojen is stabbed by the wight, he is on his knees facing Bran, telling Bran to save himself, and then 5 seconds later Jojen is somehow miraculously on his back AND his feet are now somehow facing towards Bran's direction.

Epic director fail. straFe- (talk) 15:20, July 8, 2014 (UTC)

...yeah. I think they moved the shot of him saying "save yourself" from the beginning of the fight scene (when a wight has him by the ankle) to later in the fight scene, due to pacing issues, not realizing how suddenly Jojen changes direction. None of us noticed because we were so shocked that Jojen died (he doesn't die in the books...yet, though he says he's had visions that he won't survive this quest).--The Dragon Demands (talk) 16:18, July 8, 2014 (UTC)

"The Little grandfather"

One of the many book-only nicknames that appear in the wiki. Fat Walda, Dolorous Edd... and Little Grandfather, which isn't even the usual way in which Jojen is called in the books. And certainly not in the show, where it's not been uttered a single time. 12:03, October 1, 2014 (UTC)