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Robb & Jon's ages? Edit

Is Robb older than Jon? Jon was conceived during Robert's Rebellion. I don't remember much about Eddard and Catelyn’s wedding. They were betrothed before the war, gaining the loyalty of House Tully. However, were they married before the war or after? Did they consummate their marriage right away if they were married before the war (they had no bedding ceremony)? Seems quite risky to marry a daughter to someone who might be dead in a month. 15:02, June 4, 2014 (UTC)

Jon is believed to be slightly younger than Robb, by a matter of months. They're both listed as the same numeric age. Dangerous to marry...that was the whole point; to secure the alliance for the war, Eddard married Catelyn and Jon Arryn married Lysa.--The Dragon Demands (talk) 15:37, June 4, 2014 (UTC)

R+L=J Edit

​Well some people just casually watch the show and since there haven't been too many hints on the TV show, a LOT of people won't have a clue who his mother is, and besides noting any clues that the TV show has shown, we should really try not to ruin this.

However, you've almost certainly ruined it for anyone reading this who didn't already know it, so congratulations. I'm not going to do it, but I hope an admin deletes this. Son Of Fire (talk) 07:44, December 24, 2014 (UTC)​​

Well its not really a spoiler, i mean technically its theorizing and speculation on a well-known fact, there are show-only viewers who have figured it out. I would say there definitely have been clues in the show all in the first season, they coached Sean Bean in the scene when Jon departs, the "Next time we meet, we'll discuss your mother" and how torn up he was. we see his hesitance to kill a Targaryen child with Dany and see firthand how Robert would react. and in season 4 as well, Oberyn's hints about Rhaegar and his 'loving another'. We knew he and Lyanna took off, and that honorable Ned would never have a bastard. I would say a LOT of people DO have a clue. Its not a well-kept secret a good 90% of the viewership and obviously all the book-readers know this, its not really 'ruining' anything, people wonder who it is, consolidating hints and theories into one place isn't a stretch. The westeros wiki lists the other possibilities as well, such as Ashara Dayne, Wylla etc. to make it less blatant, so if that is doable i say that would be adequate. ````

​I don't mean to come off mean but I think you're dead wrong. I've not read the books but I'm pretty sure it hasn't even been revealed there yet, I don't think ALL book readers know and CERTAINLY not 90% of TV viewers. I'd put the number closer to 5%. I don't think you understand just how many people watch the show for its enjoyment, and then forget about it until the next episode. Most people.

Of course the admins could have a different opinion and that's fine, but I don't think this Wiki needs to do any more than provide innocent and explicitly stated canonical facts and detail what happens in each episode and provide small book information (along with character and location bios). If I were in charge I wouldn't even put a quote from, for example, Jon as that's a spoiler because it lets me know he's still alive. I'd ban the person who ever put that little equation on here as although you may think you're being subtle, it's really obvious what and whom you're talking about. Just from seeing that I managed to work out everything with Lyanna and I was incredibly upset and it completely ruined it for me.

I do understand you don't mean to troll or vandalise, but anything that has not been revealed in the show, even theories, have no business being on a Wiki for the show. Son Of Fire (talk) 04:46, December 25, 2014 (UTC)

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