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The Kingsroad and the Battle of the Green Fork

Removed an erroneous paragraph. Robb's entire army crosses the Trident at the Twins and then splits into two forces. You see this happening in the episode with the long shot of his forces crossing the river, the camera panning to the left, and the army splitting into two columns. One is heading south to confront Tywin and the other south-west to confront Jaime. The Battle of the Green Fork takes place west of the Trident'.

The confusion may be cause in the book, Tywin's army is located on the Kingsroad near the ruby ford and Robb sends his decoy force to meet them head-on, east of the Trident, whilst his cavalry rides for Riverrun. This has definitely been changed in the TV series, however, with the two Lannister hosts moved much more closely together. The Greatjon confirms this in the previous episode, when he tells Robb that they need to 'slip around' Tywin to attack Jaime; in the book layout of the battle this is not necessary, as the two Lannister hosts are hundreds of miles apart. To be honest, the TV depiction doesn't make a whole lot of sense (Tywin could simply reverse and fall on Robb's army from the rear whilst hugely outnumbering it), but that is how it plays out on the show.--Werthead (talk) 22:22, December 7, 2012 (UTC)

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