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The german term 'Ritter' is actually correctly translated as knight. The german word for rider is 'Reiter'. The term freerider would be translated as 'Freier Reiter'. In german, the term 'Ritter' refers to a highly armed and trained nobleman in an feudal army. For further notice: The german language (in terms of military history) distincts between a 'Reiter' (rider) as opposed to a 'Ritter' (knight) as the former describes a rennaissance-type light cavalry equiped with small firearms. While both words were synonymous in medieval german, most modern-day germans do not know this and seperate both terms as 'Reiter' also describes the sportsman riding horses ('Reiter' refers to the people exercising the sport in general and males in particular, a sportswoman on her own would be called 'Reiterin').

A "Free Rider" is not necessarily a "knight". "Free Knight" is a mistranslation. Yes, "ritter" means "knight". The better translation would apparently be "freier reiter", as you have given the translations.--The Dragon Demands (talk) 20:11, April 10, 2015 (UTC)

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