Renly's Terms of Alliance to the North

​Perhaps, when Renly Baratheon said that Robb Stark could continue to rule the North as far as Moat Cailin, he may have just been somewhat ignorant of the geography of the region when he spoke of this to Catelyn Stark, and assumed Moat Cailin was the southernmost settlement or holdfast. And Catelyn may have just been too distracted by more pressing concerns to correct Renly about the mobile Greywater Watch in The Neck swamplands. --Fenrir51 (talk) 00:30, February 17, 2014 (UTC)

Or that Renly deliberately wanted Robb to give up some land.
​I can understand that Renly would want to keep the Riverlands, since its a major source of agriculture in Westeros. But much of The Neck swamplands lies south of Moat Cailin. What need would he have for that? --Fenrir51 (talk) 12:37, February 17, 2014 (UTC)