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Infobox image

I switched the infobox back to File:Osha_2x10.jpeg because the new version looked like it had been recolored and seemed strange to me. Here they are for comparision:

User:Mesmermann pointed out the difference on chat so there is a small consensus for the older one at this point but I am happy to go with the newer one if more editors feel that it is preferable. No offence to User:QueenBuffy who has done some great work overhauling our images this week; this is just one rare instance where I prefer the older version, the vast majority are significant improvements.--Opark 77 20:49, July 8, 2012 (UTC)

Did she kiill luwin when je asked her to do it?Svärd (talk) 09:27, January 13, 2013 (UTC)

Yes, as know this from the books. It's not as if they did a fake TV death...even if she hadn't given him a quick mercy-kill, he was holding his guts inside of himself with his hands.--The Dragon Demands (talk) 19:09, January 13, 2013 (UTC)

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