What are "top pages"? There's a sidebar on certain search pages which lists this article *ABOVE* things like Daenerys Targaryen or Tyrion Lannister -- WHY?

For that matter, related topic, I think it absurd that certain characters are judged as more or less important based on the simple number of episodes they were in - this is legalistic and blind to the actual events of the story. Particularly given that in Season 2, we had a problem where the writers were struggling to make new "main characters" to center the storyline on after Ned Stark died - so they'd invent lackluster Arya or Tyrion scenes simply to keep them on screen for barely a minute in episodes where they actually did nothing. Number of episodes they appeared in doesn't even equate to "actual screentime" in terms of a minute count - and many character might be "on screen" but do little of significance.

Quite simply, the list of "major characters" is - openly - based on the assessment and prejudices of the wiki's editors. There, I said it. I'm being a bit combatative about this but....well, back in Season 1, I remember an incident in which a reviewer who had read the books related how she reacted to watching the show with non-book readers. Thus she was jumping out of her chair in the first episode to see "oh my god, it's Theon Greyjoy!"....even though Theon's main storyline doesn't begin until a full season later. So some secondary characters rise to positions of prominence. This isn't a Star Trek series with a core seven person cast - ANYONE can die, there are certain characters more important than others.

But wikia at times seems to judge importance based on....edit count and pageviews? Without real comprehension of the storyline.--The Dragon Demands (talk) 21:56, October 3, 2013 (UTC)