To do

We have lots to do as a new episode airs. Below is a list of aims to get us up to date with this episode. Please strike through any completed tasks. The aims for the moment are:

  1. Update the lead to change the tense of the premiere date
  2. Ensure the writer and director are listed
  3. Ensure that the relevant writer and director articles have been updated
  4. Check that the synopsis is correct
  5. Update Template:Episodes to reflect the correct episodes
  6. Write a summary
  7. Write a recap
  8. Check that the notes section is in place and includes an explanation of the title reference where possible
  9. Compare the episode to the source material and note the relevant chapters in the notes section
  10. Ensure the characters section is in place and note first appearances and deaths
  11. Ensure all new characters have an article
  12. Consider adding new characters to relevant family tree and navbox templates
  13. Ensure all deceased characters articles are updated to reflect this
  14. Ensure the cast section is in place and matches the credits of the episode
  15. Ensure all new cast members have an article.
  16. Ensure all relevant cast articles are updated to reflect the cast members work in the current season and credit in this episode
  17. Update Season 2 Cast with information from the episode.
  18. Complete the cast notes section noting changes to the starring cast, credits order and significant uncredited appearances
  19. Consider updating Season 2 or Starring Cast where cast notes reflect major changes.
  20. Ensure all relevant character articles are update to reflect the character's appearance in this episode.
  21. Ensure all relevant character articles are updated with a summary of their role in this episode and a reference citing this episode as the source of the information
  22. Work through the recap creating articles for Red Links
  23. Ensure the appearances section is in place and notes the houses, creatures, items and locations that appear in the episode
  24. Ensure the relevant house articles are update with a summary of their role in this episode and a reference citing this episode as the source of the information
  25. Ensure all relevant location articles are updated with a summary of their appearance in the episode and a reference citing this episode as the source of the information
  26. Add Memorable Quotes from the episode
  27. Add screenshots of new characters to the image gallery
  28. Add screenshots to illustrate the summary and recap
  29. Consider whether plot developments warrant changing any of our navboxes (see Category:Template (Navigation))
  30. Add screenshots of key moments to illustrate the recap and ensure they are also present on the relevant related articles

--Opark 77 07:21, April 30, 2012 (UTC)

Davos promoted

It seemed to me that Stannis assigned Davos to command as a punishment, and ordered him to go on a suicide mission (leading the fleet in the attack on King's Landing). Stannis says that the bannermen that defected to his side after Renly's death could all be charged with treason, and then he said something about the hard truth cutting both ways in response to Davos' claims about Melisandre, which seemed to imply that Davos' lack of trust in Melisandre makes him a traitor in Stannis' eyes as well. Maybe I'm just misinterpreting all of that, but I definitely got the feeling that Davos pissed Stannis off by bad mouthing Melisandre, and that Davos was being punished by being promoted. Anybody have some insight on this? --Fire and Blood 06:29, May 1, 2012 (UTC)

I think that Stannis expects to win the battle and therefore expects the commander of his fleet to survive. I think he was definitely annoyed that Davos questioned him but did not actually consider Davos's council treasonous. I think he is telling Davos that he trusts him above the high lords that he is putting him in command of by mentioning their culpability for treason. I think Stannis following Davos's council shows that he did not consider it treasonous. Given what we see in the scene I don't think your interpretation is less valid though.--Opark 77 06:39, May 1, 2012 (UTC)