Screencaps wanted

Any willing editors are most welcome to illustrate this recap article with some suitable screenshots. We need screenshots for each scene. Some screenshots may have been added for other purposes so check Special:Newimages added after the episode aired before you start. Please strikethrough a scene once completed:

  1. Scene 1 - Maester Luwin heroically sends a raven announcing the Fall of Winterfell.
  2. Scene 2 - Theon Greyjoy confronts Bran Stark and convinces him to yield Winterfell.
  3. Scene 3a - Theon forces Bran to publicly surrender Winterfell.
  4. Scene 3b - The execution of Ser Rodrik Cassel. (I think QueenBuffy has uploaded a suitable image as the infobox image on "The Old Gods and the New")
  5. Scene 4 - Qhorin Halfhand's rangers in the Skirling Pass. (I think I have uploaded a suitable image, now in the gallery on "The Old Gods and the New")
  6. Scene 5 - Lord Tywin Lannister berating Ser Amory Lorch for his illiteracy.
  7. Scene 6a - The Night's Watch ambush the wildling lookouts.
  8. Scene 6b - Ygritte's capture. (ideally with the sun behind her as that was a great shot)
  9. Scene 7 - Myrcella's departure. (I think there is a suitable image on "The Old Gods and the New")
  10. Scene 8a - Joffrey is marked with excrement by dissenting citizens. (I think there is a suitable image on "The Old Gods and the New")
  11. Scene 8b - The High Septon is torn apart by the mob.
  12. Scene 9 - Tyrion confronts Joffrey for his vicious idiocy. (Ideally where Tyrion waves his intact hand in Joffrey's face.)
  13. Scene 10 - Sansa is attacked by rioters.
  14. Scene 11 - Ser Meryn Trant refuses to help Tyrion.
  15. Scene 12 - Sandor Clegane rescues Sansa.
  16. Scene 13 - rioters fighting Gold Cloaks. (Might be an image on Riot of King's Landing.)
  17. Scene 14 - Tyrion congratulates Sandor.
  18. Scene 15a - Daenerys waiting impatiently. (Check Daenerys Targaryen)
  19. Scene 15b - The Spice King descends the stairs.
  20. Scene 16 - Arya stealing the letter from Tywin.
  21. Scene 17 - Ser Amory chasing Arya.
  22. Scene 18 - Ser Amory assassinated.
  23. Scene 19a - Robb talking with his men
  24. Scene 19b - Catelyn returns to Robb's camp
  25. Scene 20 - Jon lies with Ygritte.
  26. Scene 21 - Robb plans to avenge Theon's betrayal.
  27. Scene 22 - Osha seducing Theon.
  28. Scene 23 - Shae caring for Sansa.
  29. Scene 24 - Osha sneaks out.
  30. Scene 25 - Osha kills Drennan.
  31. Scene 26a - Daenerys discovers the dead guardsman. (think this is available, it might be Xaro in the image but that is fine too)
  32. Scene 26b - Irri dead and the dragons gone. (I think this is available)
  33. Scene 27 - a hooded figure carrying the dragons towards a stone tower.

--Opark 77 12:06, May 24, 2012 (UTC)