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Date of Birth
First episode
Last episode
Appeared in
External Links:
[{{{imdb}}} IMDb Page]
[{{{twitter}}} Twitter Page]


Any page using this template will automatically be put into the category Actor. You will need to select one of the appropriate subcategories yourself: Status: Active, Status: Not hired, or Status: Role ended.

To use this template, copy this text into an actor page and fill in as appropriate:

| Title= NAME
| Image= IMAGE NAME (max. width: 200px)
| dateofbirth=
| birthplace=
| role= [[Character's name]]

Choose one of the next three:
| status= [[:Category:Status: Active|Active]]
| status= [[:Category:Status: Not hired|Not hired]]
| status= [[:Category:Status: Role ended|Role ended]]

| First= First episode appeared in (for recurring characters)
| Last= Last episode appeared in (for recurring characters)
| Appearances= Individual episodes appeared in (for one-off characters)

| imdb= Link to their IMDB page
| twitter= Link to their Twitter page

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