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Please add category: Characters to pages where this template is used. You need to manually select the appropriate subcategory: Status: Alive, Status: Dead or Status: Uncertain, which will then also be added to the page.

If there's (currently) no appropriate information to enter in a field, just blank out everything after the '=' sign: all blank fields will be hidden from view. Don't delete the whole line: that makes it cumbersome to enter that information later on, once it has become available.

| Title= NAME
| Image= IMAGE NAME (max. width 200px)

If Image width < 250px:
| ImageSize= image's default width

| Season= SEASONS APPEARED IN. Format: [[Season x|x]]

If character is in more than 1 episode:
| First= first episode appearance
| Last= if dead, last episode appearance

If character is in only 1 or 2 episodes:
| Appearances= list of episode appearances, separated by <br>

If character is unseen:
| Mentioned= list of episodes in which character is mentioned

| Titles= titles
| Aka= aliases

Select one of these three subcategories:
| Status= [[:Category:Status: Alive|Alive]]
| Status= [[:Category:Status: Dead|Dead]]
| Status= [[:Category:Status: Uncertain|Uncertain]]

If known/applicable:
| Age= XX
| Birth= date of birth
| Death= date of death
| DeathEp= episode in which character died
| Place= character's origin
| Allegiance= character's allegiance
| Family= family member 1<br />family member 2<br />etc.

| Actor= actor's name
| Images= image category name

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