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Welcome to the Game of Thrones Wiki Community Corner!

Welcome to the Game of Thrones Wiki. We hope to make this Wiki the ultimate online resource for the Game of Thrones television series produced by HBO and welcome all contributors and collaborators who wish to help us reach this goal. Note that this Wiki is based on the TV series and spin-offs from the TV series alone; those wishing to contribute to a Wiki based on the A Song of Ice and Fire novels or related merchandise are directed to the excellent Wiki of Ice and Fire.

Areas that need work

As ever, we need to:

  • Remain absolutely diligent in preventing spoilers from appearing on the site as per our spoiler policy.
  • Take care to avoid uploading duplicate photographs to the Wiki. Ensure all new images are categorized, sourced, have a description and have appropriate licensing information in line with our Image policy.
  • Be more stringent in using references when talking about behind-the-scenes information. Ensure that we write the title and date of articles in our references as well as the website they come from.

Right now, you can help with:

  • Overhauling our house articles see Category:Noble houses and see House Lannister for an example of our preferred format.
  • Get our Season 2 articles to a consistent, high standard. See Season 2 episodes project
  • Finishing the illustration of our Season 2 and Season 3 recaps. See Screencaps wanted for more information.
  • Setting up portals for major characters and the main Houses.
  • Work on our navboxes and ensure they are placed on all appropriate articles. We need navboxes for behind the scenes information e.g. the writers, the directors of the starring cast.
  • Adapt Season 1 and Season 2 articles to the style we have employed for Season 2.
  • Keep up with the latest season 4 information as it gets released by verifiable sources.

Users of distinction

  • Welcome our newest admin: Greater good Thanks for your continued work!


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Many thanks

Many thanks to all of our contributors! Please use the Help Desk forum in the case of any issues you may have on the Wiki or contact admins Werthead, QueenBuffy, XD1, Gonzalo84, The Dragon Demands, The Boy Who Cried Direwolf, or Greater good.

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