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Lord Commander: Vacant
Former Lord Commanders: {Night's King} · {Lord Jeor Mormont}
Commanders: Ser Denys Mallister · Cotter Pyke
Maester: Aemon
First Ranger: Benjen Stark
Rangers: Balian · {Bannen} · {Borba} · {Jafer Flowers} · Grenn · {Harker} · Matthar · {Gared} · {Othor} · {Qhorin Halfhand} · Rast · Mance Rayder · {Ser Waymar Royce} · Ser Jaremy Rykker · {Stiv} · {Stonesnake} · Ser Alliser Thorne · {Will}
First Steward: Bowen Marsh
Stewards: Borcas · Dareon · Hobb · Karl · Myk · Pypar · Jon Snow · Samwell Tarly · Eddison Tollett
First Builder: Othell Yarwyck
Builders: Halder · Toad
Recruiters: {Yoren}
Castles of
the Wall:
The Shadow Tower · Castle Black · Eastwatch · Deep Lake · Nightfort
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