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Ten Towers is a castle located in Harlaw, the easternmost of the Iron Islands. It serves as the seat of House Harlaw.

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Ten Towers is the newest castle in the Iron Islands, built on the island of Harlaw. It is described as being more like ten castles smashed together. The castle was built by Lord Theomore Harlaw, who raised the castle after he found the ancient seat of House Harlaw, Harlaw Hall, too damp and flooded after three sons died in infancy.
Ten Towers Pin

A map showing the location of Ten Towers off the coast of Westeros.

Lady Alannys Greyjoy lives at Ten Towers with the current Lord Harlaw, her brother Rodrik.
Riverlands map

A map of the Riverlands showing Ten Towers and Pyke

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