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Thomas McCarthy
Date of Birth
30 January, 1966
New Jersey, USA
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Thomas McCarthy (born 30 January 1966) is an American writer, director and actor. He most famous for his recurring role as Scott Templeton on The Wire, as well as directing the film The Station Agent (starring Peter Dinklage) and co-writing the Pixar movie Up.

For Game of Thrones, McCarthy directed the unaired pilot episode, including helping with casting the main roles in the series. Some of the material he shot for the pilot remains in the first episode of the series, most notably the scenes in the crypts under Winterfell involving Robert Baratheon and Eddard Stark. Much of the rest of the episode was reshot by Tim Van Patten. Rather than jointly credit the episode to both McCarthy and Van Patten, HBO gave McCarthy a 'consulting producer' credit on the first episode.

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