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#REDIRECT [[Todder]]
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{{Quote|Toad, to the Builders.|Lord Commander Jeor Mormont|You Win or You Die}}
'''Toad''' is an unidentified background character in the [[Season 1|first season]]. He is a newly made Builder of the Night's Watch, of the same group of recruits as [[Jon Snow]].
===[[Season 1]]===
Toad is present during the speech Lord Commander [[Jeor Mormont]] gave to the "graduating" recruits. He is assigned to the Builders.<ref>"[[You Win or You Die]]"</ref>
{{Season One Appearances|7=yes}}
==In the books==
In the ''[[A Song of Ice and Fire]]'' novels, Toad is the nickname of Todder and is the son of a winesink owner. He is a short, ugly boy with an unpleasant voice. He has pig eyes, small and shiny. Instead of a Builder, Toad is made a Ranger.
==See also==
* [ Todder at A Wiki of Ice and Fire] (spoilers from the books)
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