"No, Ethan. Look at this. All good swords have a name. I call mine "Two Brothers." I carved this to give me strength. And this so I remember..."
Ryon Forrester to his brother Ethan[src]

Two Brothers is a wooden weapon carved by Ryon Forrester.


"Iron From Ice"

After the judgment of Erik, as Ethan Forrester wanders the courtyard of Ironrath, where he notices Ryon carving the sword. Ethan observes him and Ryon explains the sword's carvings of Ethan's name, which is for strength, and Rodrik's name, his recently believed to be deceased brother, to remember.

Ryon is taken as a hostage to House Whitehill at Highpoint under orders of Ramsay Snow, leaving the sword without an owner.

"The Lost Lords"

Rodrik, having survived his injuries sustained at the Red Wedding, wakes up in his bed. He uses this sword to get up and as a cane.