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Hi. My name is Gladiatus and I'm from Finland. I've read all the books, having just finished ADwD a month ago. I started to watch this show about two years ago. I watch the show usually with my father, who is just a show watcher.

I'm happy to help here in the wiki, but my english isn't proper yet so I may make some grammar mistakes.

For some reason I'm called stanstan in Westeros forums... BTW, Roose Bolton is Azor Ahai.

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Old Gods of the Forest.

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House Baratheon of Dragonstone.

My favourite house is House Lannister or House Greyjoy, but in War of the Five Kings, I support Stannis.

Favourite POV's, Character's I Hate And ThingsEdit

My favourite POVs in the books are

Fav prologue in the books is Varamyr's in book 5 and the worst one is propably Will's in book 1. I like all the POVs in the books, and only one I find boring is Daenerys Targaryen, although I liked some of her chapters in book 3. There are several people I hope to die in the books and the show:

Favourite characters in the show are


Favourite quote in the books

"You are mistaken. It is not good. No tales were ever told of me. Do you think I would be sitting here if it were otherwise? Your amusements are your own, I will not chide you on that count, but you must be more discreet. A peaceful land, a quiet people. That has always been my rule. Make it yours" - Roose Bolton

Fav quote in the show

"If any man dies with a clean sword, I'll rape his fucking corpse!" - Sandor Clegane

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