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Hey guys!

My name is Melcher Sjöman and I'm from Sweden (17 years old). I love to read history, myths, legends and religion. Since I was a little kid I have always loved the medieval time. On my sparetime, I like to look on TV-series, be with my friends, writing stories, read, draw, listen to music, read newspaper and use my computer. There isn't any much more you need to know about me, at least for now. 


I'm gonna help so much I can on the wiki. I can't promise that I'm going to be active everyday because now there is a lot of homeworks and tests going on in school, but I'm going to do my best AND don't rush. I enjoy being on the wiki and help, but what I do most is reading on Game of Thrones wiki. I´m currently working on:

  • ​Adding episode information in character pages 
  • Correcting mistakes/gr​ammar/spelling in all types of pages
  • Adding references in all types of pages 
  • Adding episodes in templates on character pages ​

​My Favorite Characters

I hope they will survive the series, if not, I´m gonna cry so much. There is plenty of more characters in the show I like but these means a lot to me. 

The Books

​I haven´t read the books and I think I never will. Not that I hate the books in any way but I have gotten so far into the series that I can´t begin reading the books. I also don't want to get spoiled by the books about the TV-Show. Maybe after Game of Thrones has ended, I will read the books. 

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