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House-Lannister-heraldry This user is sworn to
House Lannister.

Hello and Welcome to this my userpage and this wonderful wiki! Here a few things to know about me :)

  • I live in Belgium
  • I am both American and Belgian :P
  • I am addicted to caffine...
  • ...I also bleed caffine
  • I love to play video games...
  • ...Especially Left 4 Dead
  • Did I mention I'm 23 :D
  • Oh I also suffer from OCD

Currently there are

  • 8,419,199 users registered, of which
  • 12 are administrators,
  • 1 have rollback rights. Not to mention
  • 110 users are active :D.

Yup I know all these things :).

Yes if you didn't know, I am a genius :P of HTML. This means colour codes and stuff, not to mention the tabs at the top of my page :P. Just trying to keep this neat n' stuff... It's my life actually, if HTML didn't excist I would DIE of being bored to long. These are the things I can help you with :D

  • Signatures, I can do ALL types of signatures, just leave a message on my talk specifically saying what you want and I will do it for you :D.
  • Tabs these are tabs on my userpage, these are the out-dated ones, but I like these better :D. Anyways I can do this too :D
  • I can also design user talks, user pages and other stuff for my fellow contributors :D. That is all good bye.

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