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i am sagittarius i am 13 and close friend of Arya Stark and later lover (im around her age so shut it) i am loyal to the Stark family. my bio is below.

Sagittarius Wrath is a young boy by the age of thirteen he represents the Stark house and Wrath house.His family died and he was found at WinterFell and he started living  there. and l he is Optimistic and freedom-loving good-humored Honest and straightforward. he is also Blindly optimistic and careless Irresponsible and superficial Tactless and restless. He is a close friend and lover to Arya who is a little bit older. The two are both good at archery and when Eddard Stark Arya's father leaves to accompany Robert Lanester Sagittarius Arya and her sister Sansa go with him. after Eddard Stark's execution Sagittarius and Arya are seperated from Sansa then they are taken by Tywin Lanester they both become his servants but they eventually get away from him too but run into Hound who protects them for the rest of the series.

​before all of this he was trained at an assassin sanctuarry and learned how to be an assassin. When he returned to his family house Wrath he trained his younger brother William everything he knows. Eventually their father Ulric was hung as was William and their little sister Sienna. then he fled the Wrath keep after it was burned even though his mother Ashten Wrath lives the two have been seperated ever since. He ended up in WinterFell where he was accepted by the Stark family and became very great friends with Arya leading to the events above.

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