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  • I live in Poznan, Poland
  • My occupation is Director of Engineering at Wikia
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My name is Lucas Garczewski, I'm a RPG gamer and fantasy fan. I work at Wikia.

Me and Game of Thrones

I'm a fresh fan of Martin's work, just half way through the first book, but already love it. I plan to finish at least the first book before the show premiere, so that I can watch it and compare, without fear of spoilers.

Can't wait to see how Westeros looks on screen!

Me and this wiki

I plan to help grow this wiki by adding tiny bits of content here and there, but I will probably focus on categorisation and structure.

As I work with wikis daily, as a user and a developer, you can come to me with any problems, technical issues, wiki-culture questions, you name it. Can't promise I'll react at once (there are over 20 000 other wikis to look after...), but I will get back to you and try to help out.

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