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    Jon and Ygritte

    June 12, 2013 by Aetherium

    In "Mhysa", I came up with a theory why Ygritte shot Jon. Haven't read the books!

    In the previous episode, you book readers knew that she actually didn't defend Jon at the Gift in the books, but she did in the series*. When Jon left her just randomly, she maybe felt like betrayed and heart-broken as if he didn't love her. And now, I think the real reason she shot Jon is because he was the only one she had ever truly loved ("I'm yours, and you are mine") and she was afraid that she would never see him again. 

    So, according to my theory, I think the reason she shot Jon is because of their love for each other.

    What is your opinion about this? And do you have any other suggestions why she shot Jon? 

    (please don't come with any future spoilers from …

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    Hello everybody, I have been on this wiki for a couple of days now and I'm enjoying reading articles :)

    But I have found a problem however....

    I saw on the page "policies and guidelines" that this wiki is for the Game of Thrones TV Show and not the Song of Ice and Fire (The books). Then that is suppose to mean that this wiki should be about the SHOW, NOT about the books. Sure there can be some references or something about them on notes (something small) in articles but when I read articles on this wiki, I read almost 30% of the novels in almost every article (I don't care about it). The first thing I look when I start on a new wiki is to look on its policies/guidelines/rules. When I saw it mentioned about the TV-Show and books I thought tha…

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