• Arkmundi


    June 10, 2013 by Arkmundi

    In the spirit of wikia, I've choosen Summer, the direwolf of Brandon Stark as my avatar.  At the end of S03E10, Brandon is a surviving son of House Stark, on his way to the North.  Its an insurmountable task he is faced with, blessed as he is by the Old Gods with Greensight.  We learn from Jojen Reed that their quest is the only hope of the land to turn back the white walkers, the threat of whom is the reason the wall was built.  But it is not wall or armies that will defeat them.  Having had polio, I identify with Bran, also crippled in his youth, but nonetheless proving himself to the task of hero of the land.  His Greensight is leading him into the lands of winter and we wonder about his ultimate fate at the hands of the Old Gods.

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