In the recent days, there have been some new casting announcements for season 2 of Game of Thrones, some of them preceded by clues by George R.R. Martin himself, all guessed correctly by the fans.

Robert Pugh is a British actor who will play Craster, the master of Craster's Keep, a sordid place beyond the Wall. Pugh is known for his roles in The Ghost Writer and Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.

The young British actress Hannah Murray has also been cast as Gilly, one of Craster's many daughters. She's previously known via her role in the much applauded British series Skins, in which she appeared in the first two seasons.

Irish film and stage actor and writer Michael McElhatton will portray Roose Bolton. This lord known for his coldness and cruelty is the head of House Bolton of Dreadfort, a vassal family to House Stark of Winterfell. Bolton originally appears in the first book, A Game of Thrones, but in the series his first appearance was pushed to the second season.

Dolorous Edd will be portrayed by British actor Ben Crompton. Officially called Eddison Tollett, Edd is a member of the Night's Watch and the squire of Lord Commander Jorah Mormont. He is known for his grumpiness and dark humor.

Karl Davies has also been announced as playing Alton Lannister, a character that does not appear in Martin's books. It has been speculated that he might be replacing the book character Cleos Frey.