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  • Bio Brian is a Sr. Content Producer at FANDOM. He's been on the fan-media scene since dial-up. Arriving at FANDOM via IGN, Brian was a founding editor at early Star Wars fansite and co-created the movie site, FilmForce, acquired by IGN in 2006. He's a fan of space operas and superheroes.
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  • Brian Linder

    We're planning an upcoming video that highlights the connections to established Game of Thrones lore in "The Lost Lords ," the second episode in the Telltale Games series.

    What would you like to see included? Share in the comments!

    Here are a few examples...

    • House Forrester is featured in this episode. They were not purely invented for game, but are mentioned once in the A Song of Ice and Fire novels -- described as a minor House in the Wolfswood who serve as vassals to House Glover of Deepwood Motte.
    • Although House Forrester exists in the books, the name of their seat is first revealed here -- “Ironrath.”
    • Ironrath is situated in the Wolfswood. In season 1 of the HBO series, this is where Bran Stark is attacked by wildlings, before being rescued…
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  • Brian Linder

    Hi, everyone. Wikia is presenting a Game of Thrones Fan Forum panel at New York Comic Con in a couple of weeks. We'll have special guests Kristian Nairn and Natalia Tena, along with community Founder, Werthead.

    We'd like to share some opinions of the fans on the Game of Thrones Wiki during the panel. Please take a moment to answer these question...

    Finally, tell us what you're most excited about seeing in Season Five in the comments!

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  • Brian Linder

    Are you a Game of Thrones fan going to New York Comic Con? Wikia will be there, and we want fans to join us!

    We're recruiting a #WikiaFanArmy to participate in a geeked-out scavenger hunt in which you'll complete missions on social media to earn points – fans with the highest points at the end of the show will win awesome prizes. 

    Plus, you'll be eligible to receive special superfan perks, like VIP access passes, celebrity meet and greets.

    Wikia will be presenting a Game of Thrones panel with Game of Thrones Wiki founder, Werthead, along with actors Kristian Nairn and Natalia Tena.


    Click here, fill out the form with your contact info, and we'll hit you up with details.

    NYCC is October 9-12 at the Javits Center in NYC.

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  • Brian Linder

    We're excited to return to Chicago for C2E2, April 25-27!  Wikia's "Game of Thrones Fan Forum is sure to be a favorite of the show's attending fans. I'll be moderating the panel discussion, and we'll have Werthead , founder of on the stage.

    THE BIG NEWS: We're pleased to announce that Hodor actor Kristian Nairn plans to join us as a special guest for a portion of the panel. And we want to ask him YOUR QUESTIONS!

    Post your questions for Kristian Nairn in the comments and we'll do our best to get them answered.

    Stay tuned next weekend for our coverage from C2E2. Headed to the show? Leave your info here to join the #WikiaLive fun!

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  • Brian Linder

    Hi, everyone!

    WE WANT YOU to be in an upcoming episode of Wikia's Fan vs. Critic, a new video series showcasing the knowledge and enthusiasm of the Game of Thrones community! More details on how you can join the fun below.

    In each episode, a member of goes toe-to-toe with a critic from Rotten Tomatoes. Here's our premiere installment starring Greater Good .

    Would you like to go on video and represent Here's what you should do...

    Leave a comment below telling us that you're up for the challenge of doing battle with the critics, and having some fun on camera. Note that video productions are recorded via a Google+ Hangout, so you'll need to be prepared for that, as well as available on Mondays duri…

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