Hi, everyone!

WE WANT YOU to be in an upcoming episode of Wikia's Fan vs. Critic, a new video series showcasing the knowledge and enthusiasm of the Game of Thrones community! More details on how you can join the fun below.

In each episode, a member of goes toe-to-toe with a critic from Rotten Tomatoes. Here's our premiere installment starring Greater Good .

Would you like to go on video and represent Here's what you should do...

Leave a comment below telling us that you're up for the challenge of doing battle with the critics, and having some fun on camera. Note that video productions are recorded via a Google+ Hangout, so you'll need to be prepared for that, as well as available on Mondays during the day (US time).

If the Game of Thrones community chooses their champions, SO BE IT. If not, we'll pick the best submitters and approach them about possibly appearing.