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Edmure's wedding is going to be in episode 9 of season 3.

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As I may have mentioned before in other comments, I am really looking forward to see the Edmure's wedding in the show. For many reasons I can't explain due to spoilers, but will be able to after the episode airs, it's one of my favorite events in the books. So while watching the preview for "The Rains of Castamere" I was on the lookout for anything that might reveal a hint as to whether or not the wedding would occur. Now, the title of the episode looked promising, but the preview seemed to focus mostly on Bran, Arya and Jon, but if you pause it at 28 seconds, you get a split-second shot: Edmure being carried away by women while laughing. The bedding ceremony. Meaning that the wedding will be in two weeks, and I am really excited. 

​And what about you, fellow Game of Thrones Wiki-ans who have also read the books? Are you looking forward to the next episode for the wedding, hmm?

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