While perusing the article for the 2012 game on this site, I came across the following:

"Although using actors, music and imagery from the TV series, the computer game also references events from the Song of Ice and Fire novels that do not take place in the TV series. In addition, the visual representation of locations such as the Red Keep and Castle Black differ from the TV series in many respects. For this reason, it is assumed that the computer game is not to be considered canon for either the TV series or books, but as its own self-contained entity. For this reason, information on the houses and characters from the game should not have its own entries on this wiki."

This is quite odd to me. The TV series differs greatly from the books in many, MANY respects, yet it is considered canon. Similarly, many events in the books haven't occurred in the TV series yet are considered canon. So why is the game considered non-canon? GRRM helped write the storyline and even had a cameo appearance as "Maester Martin". He worked closely with the game and never said it shouldn't be canon.

All the characters, history and lore are identical to the books and series and the events from the 1st book/season occur in the game, though off-screen. I hardly feel it should be considered non-canon simply because of a few visual differences which, as I've said, are no different from what the TV series changed. Less so, in fact.

What do you think?