GOT Wiki Awards
The votes were tallied and the winners were chosen!

Thanks to you, the Game of Thrones Wikia Awards were a success! When polls ended on September 10th, there were exactly 5,032 votes given, and the most popular category ended up being Best Male Character with 347 votes! The tightest race was between Varys and Davos Seaworth, and the winner ended up being chosen by a mere 3 votes!

To see who ended up the king or queen of their category, keep scrolling!

The polls were left open for people to keep voting. The results below reflect the end of the awards on September 10th, 2013.

Best Male Character

GOT AwardFrame Male
Winner: Tyrion Lannister
Runner up: Jaime Lannister

Best Female Character

GOT AwardFrame Female
Winner: Arya Stark
Runner up: Daenerys Targaryen

Best Episode

GOT AwardFrame Episode
Winner: Rains of Castamere
Runner up: The Bear and the Maiden Fair

Best Supporting Female Character

GOT AwardFrame SupFemale
Winner: Brienne of Tarth
Runner up: Olenna Tyrell

Best Supporting Male Character

GOT AwardFrame SupMale
Winner: Varys
Runner up: Davos Seaworth

Best Couple/Duo

GOT AwardFrame Couple
Winner: Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth
Runner up: Jon Snow and Ygritte

Best New Character

GOT AwardFrame NewCharacter
Winner: Olenna Tyrell
Runner up: Ramsay Snow

Most Shocking Moment

GOT AwardFrame MostShocking
Winner: The Red Wedding
Runner up: When Jaime lost his hand

Character You Love to Hate

GOT AwardFrame LoveToHate
Winner: Cersei Lannister
Runner up: Walder Frey

Best Stark

GOT AwardFrame Stark
Winner: Arya Stark
Runner up: Robb Stark

Best Lannister

GOT AwardFrame Lannister
Winner: Tyrion Lannister
Runner up: Tywin Lannister

Best House

GOT AwardFrame House
Winner: Stark
Runner up: Targaryen

Best Revenge

GOT AwardFrame Revenge
Winner: Drogon burning Kraznys and Dany gains an army
Runner up: Arya killing a Frey soldier

Best Tearjerker

GOT AwardFrame Tearjerker
Winner: Robb, Catelyn, and Talisa's death in the Red Wedding
Runner up: Jaime speaking on why he killed the Mad King

Funniest Scene

GOT AwardFrame Funniest
Winner: Podrick Payne visiting the brothel
Runner up: Tyrion joining the Council meeting

Sexiest Male Character

GOT AwardFrame SexiestMale
Winner: Jon Snow
Runner up: Jaime Lannister

Sexiest Female Character

GOT AwardFrame SexiestFemale
Winner: Daenerys Targaryen
Runner up: Margaery Tyrell

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