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In the wake of King Robert's death, many Lords have rallied support to claim the Iron Throne, where Joffrey Baratheon currently (and controversially) sits as King. Stannis Baratheon already quelled the rise of his younger brother Renly, while Balon Greyjoy and Robb Stark have declared themselves Kings of The Iron Islands and The North, respectively. The War of the Five Kings is well under way in Westeros, but across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys Targaryen is plotting a return with her three dragons to reclaim the throne for the House of Fire and Blood.

After 227 votes, a champion was chosen! House Eldysio by Grumphy won the war with 28.63% of votes. His house won with Randyll Tarly as the Hand, Oberyn Martell as the Champion, and a seat at Driftmark.

Congratulations to Grumphy and thank you to the valiant users that participated in the war!

To see the results of the great war, click here!

"We see what others do not"

Seat: Driftmark
Champion: Oberyn Martell
User: Grumphy

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