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    Since both sides of Jon's parentage are known (maternally confirmed, paternally obvious but not officially stated in the series yet aside from the leaked HBO diagram), I'm curious to find out if either Jon or Dany are older than the other, and if so then by roughly how much. Both of their ages are given as 21 by the end of season 6 (as per their infoboxes and related reference tags), and we know that they were born at the tail-end of Robert's Rebellion, if not in the aftermath.

    While aunts/uncles being younger than their nephews/nieces is a rare situation, it does occur and it isn't uncommon for a pairing to be just a few years apart (e.g. retired MLB stars Dwight Gooden and Gary Sheffield are uncle/nephew, respectively; both are almost exa…

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  • H-Man Havoc

    IGN published an article earlier today (originally reported by Vanity Fair) in which GRRM confirmed Brienne's descended from Duncan the Tall, who of course is best known for his lifelong friendship with Aegon V, as well as his featuring in the Dunk and Egg novellas.

    This happened when GRRM was at Balticon to read aloud a new chapter from his upcoming sixth book The Winds of Winter.

    Can't say I'm surprised, given her impressive height and raw strength rivaling that of men.

    I'd imagine Brienne's infobox would need an update as well as her storyline in the books (perhaps the series as well; though doubtful it'll be mentioned this season or even the remainder of the series).

    Did you guys expect this to have been confirmed or did you find this a co…

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    After reading the reviews and seeing clips of Oathbreaker again, it seems strange that Smalljon Umber would just willingly offer up Rickon and Osha to Ramsay only to make a common alliance in favour of defending against the wildlings, considering the Smalljon has no love lost for the Boltons and House Umber still being loyally aligned with the Starks.

    Perhaps what Smalljon Umber did was a ruse; maybe a plan devised by the Smalljon, Osha and Rickon to eventually bring down Ramsay and House Bolton in general. Additionally, while Shaggydog could've actually been killed as part of this plan, it's highly unlikely and moreover, that dog's head is a bit too small to belong to a large direwolf. Perhaps Shaggydog is actually not only safe but hidden…

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