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May 14, 2016
  • HouseofSnark

    Just finished rewatching the entire series, start to finish - well, up to the most recent episode.  Pretty clear that the White Walker and their Undead Army represent a major threat to humanity. However, I do believe there is a very plausible and fairly straightforward way to beat back the army - with or without dragons and Daenerys' legions of unsullied and horse-whisperers.

    If this happens:

    1. The North unites under Jon Snow and Sansa Stark - meaning all rebellions (specifically Bolton's) must be crushed quickly 
    2. The army of the Dead is unable to use boats and must cross over/through the Wall
    3. Pyromancers get enlisted to make more wildfire 
    4. Bag of dragonglass is recovered

    Then this could happen:

    1. Caches of wildfire placed strategically along/atop Wa…
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