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June 2, 2011
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    We're expanding!

    July 2, 2011 by KarinS

    The wiki is growing and growing. Now that it is still doable, I'm trying to make all the wonderful information gathered here slightly more accessible and to organize it more coherently. Also, the wiki has a forum that we have not yet been using, so I've kick-started it :)

    The community forum is called the Watercooler: a place for us all to hang out and to talk. I've made a first posting there, explaining the recent changes to the wiki in more detail; see Additions to the wiki. The wiki now also has a Help desk forum, where you can put all your questions and comments about the wiki.

    Enjoy :)

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  • KarinS

    Ser Jorah

    June 22, 2011 by KarinS

    In the last episode of season one, Fire and Blood, upon seeing Daenerys Targaryen rising from the ashes of the funeral pyre with her three baby dragons, Ser Jorah Mormont exclaims: "My blood is your blood!" and then bows before Dany.

    I keep wondering what he means by that remark. Is it meant as a sign of his allegiance, as in: 'Your will is mine' / 'I succumb to you', or does he actually refer to blood lines?

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  • KarinS

    Darn! Only one more episode to go... Such a pity, I've grown to be very fond of GoT, and every week I found myself looking forward to seeing the next episode. It's a pity that the season only contains ten episodes and not 20+, as many other series do. However, the TV adaptation manages to capture not only the characters but also the actual developments of the book very well in such a limited amount of episodes. I'm reading the first book of the series, and to my surprise almost everything that's in the book ended up on the screen as well. In that respect, the series is probably the best adaptation I've ever come across.

    Does anybody know when the next season will air? Will that be April 2012?

    Also, I wonder whether I should read the other bo…

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