Warning: Contains spoilers for Season 4 and for the books

A foreword before I get to this is that, I don't know if this guy has a fanbase or not, and if he does, please don't take this blog the wrong way. I know everyone hated Joffrey, not sure how they feel about Ramsay who is the only GoT villain as evil as Joffrey, but second only to them is Gregor Clegane, the Mountain.

Well, anyone who's seen Season 4 will know that Joffrey is dead, killed through means of a deadly and vicious poison. And in the books, Gregor also met his end by an equally vicious, yet slower, poison: Manticore venom, when Oberyn poisons his spear and injures him before Gregor kills Oberyn. (how much you want to bet a third poison is introduced and used by someone to kill Ramsay?) From what I read, Pycelle tries to heal him, but fails, and he dies of the poison, his skull being sent to someone (forget who, Cersei maybe?) as proof of his death.

Well, anyone who's seen the eighth and tenth episodes of Season 4 will know that Gregor is wounded and poisoned by Oberyn with the manticore venom, but while Pycelle is unable to heal him, Qyburn says he can heal him, which will "change" him (but not make him weaker), and so far is going quite smoothly. Meaning the show isn't killing him like the books did.

I know this is coming from the only person on the planet who's still old-fashioned with villains, but even by my standards, Joffrey, Gregor, and Ramsay are the three most evil villains in the show and I won't be satisfied until all of them are dead. Joffrey's dead (to the satisfaction of basically everyone), and Gregor was supposed to die like in the books so why is he still alive? At least the books haven't killed Ramsay yet so you don't expect the show to kill him unless it either happens in the books or the show gets tired of waiting for Book 6 and creates its own ending, but Gregor is supposed to be dead

I mean, I know most shows aren't going for that anymore, but that started to become a big trend in 2014, the same year this show killed both Joffrey and Tywin who are both the closest the series has to a main villain, aside from White Walkers, and if there's any two characters they can't kill in this show it's Tyrion and Daenerys, who are the closest the series has to a main protagonist aside from Ned Stark and Jon Snow

Again, forgive me if he has a bigger fanclub than Joffrey (which wouldn't be hard, but you know what I mean, is he Joffrey or Ultron? Though I understand Viserys didn't exactly have a huge fanclub either)