Great news for fans of Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series: The final episode of season 1 come out in just a few weeks! As the November 17 launch date approaches, we thought it'd be fun to make some predictions on how storylines will play out for key characters in the series.

Vote for your predictions below! We'll check back later in the month to see how accurate these predictions turn out to be.

The last time we played as Gared, his companion Cotter was injured and Cotter's sister Sylvi was suggesting that they join up with Mance Rayder's army. To make matters worse, after hunting for some food with Sylvi, she and Gared returned to camp to see it overrun with Wights. Gared made it clear that they would try to make their way to the North Grove.

Back in King's Landing, things were moving fast for Mira Forrester. After the Purple Wedding, her allegiance with Tyrion Lannister quickly dissolved. However, a new opportunity arose with one of the most influential people in Westeros, Cersei Lannister. Cersei asked Mira to help her extract information from Tyrion about who will testify on Tyrion's behalf during his trial for Joffrey's murder. If Mira succeeded, Cersei promised to help her family deal with the Whitehills back in Ironrath. However, Tyrion figured out that Mira was sent by Cersei and refused to divulge any information that could help Mira.

Episode 5's ending was brutal to Asher Forrester and Rodrik Forrester, completely altering the landscape of their story. Since the episode ended somewhat abruptly, we are left to speculate on the future of the person who we saved.

What else do you think will happen in the last episode? Let us know in the comments below!