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Thanks to everyone who participated in this latest fannotation! Take a look below to check it out!

The trailer for the latest Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series has been released today and its confirmed that episode 5 will be released next week. "Nest of Vipers" is shaping up to be very dramatic and there appears to be a whole lot to discuss in this video. We need your help to annotate (fannotate) this latest trailer!

What is a Fannotation? It is "pop-up" style annotated trailer with expert knowledge from the Wikia community. (For an example of a fannotation video, click here.)

Have some inside knowledge to share about the game, the characters, or A Song of Ice and Fire? Help us "fannotate" by leaving time stamps and facts or trivia in the comments below. Then come back next week when we post the final video where we'll show off your expertise!